KeyBoard Shortcuts

Searching for the mouse everytime u open and close the window and also for each and every option makes the life difficult for techie guys.Most of the Times we feel lazy performing all the operations wid mouse and loty of time is wasted on it.Instead we can use the keyboard shortcuts which are convenient and easy to use.So Here iam listing almost all the firefox keyboard shorcuts that wud make our life easier.

Alt + D / Ctrl + L- Allows you to directly jump into the location bar(address bar).

ALT + Enter-Opens the address of the website u are viewing in the new tab.

CTRL + R -Reloads the page.

ESC-Stops loading the page.

F11-Full screen mode.Pressing it once will open up the full screen mode and press it again to return back to the normal mode.

Tab-This will help to navigate through all the links in the page u are viewing and hitting the enter will open up that link.

CTRL + T-Opens a new tab.

CTRL + Tab-Selects the next tab. Suppose you have opened up about five tabs to research a couple of different issues, you may need to navigate back and forth between the tabs. This shortcut allows you to move to the next tab to the right. However, you can actually navigate left and right by using CTRL + PG UP and CTRL + PG DN, respectively. Even better, you can CTRL + (1 to 8) to select a specific tab (as long as you have no more than 8 tabs open) sinceCTRL + 9 takes you directly to the last tab on the right.

ALT + Left Arrow / ALT + Right Arrow-Equivalent to clicking on the Back and Forward buttons to navigate within a website.

CTRL + D-Booknarks the current page u are viewing.

ALT + Home-This Takes u back to the Homepage i.e the page that opens when u first launch the Firefox.

CTRL + W-Closes the Current Tab.

CTRL + Shift + T-Suppose u have closed a wrong Tab by mistake!Don’t worry this tab helps u to Undo the closing of a tab.

CTRL + Shift + DEL-Clears the Private Data and keeps the cache and cookies clean.

ALT + F4-This shortcut closes the window i.e entire firefox session.

Ctrl++-Zoom in the page.

Ctrl—Zoom Out the page

Ctrl+0-Reset the page

‘-Helps u to find the specified links in the page.

/-Helps to find the specified text in the page.Can be an alternative to the Ctrl+F

Ctrl+K/CtrlCmd+E-Allows u to do the web search.

Ctrl +Home-Move Tab to beginning when Tab is focussed.

Ctrl+End-Move Tab to the End when Tab is focussed.

CtrlCmd+Shift+D-This Allows u to Bookmark all the Tabs.

CtrlCmd+J-Allows to view all the Downloads


Ctrl+Enter-adds http://www. and .com at the beginning and end of a word. i.e if we give myspace in the addressbar and press this it will fill the adress for u i.e the adress now will be saving ur time in typing the whole address.

Shift+Enter-This shortcut completes the .net address.

Ctrl+Shift+Enter-This shortcut completes the .org address.

Ctrl+Shift+I-Opens up the DOM Inspector.

F7-Caret Browsing

F3-Find Again.

Guys these are the shortcuts which shd be helpful to u and shd be an good option for ur
laziness 🙂
So keep ur mouse a side and increase ur firefox productivity with these keyboard shorcuts.

Hope,i covered all the shorcuts.Am i missing anything????If yes then do temee.Will post some if i find any, till then

Happy Browsing!!!!!:)


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