Creating a WebTest

Last few days I was working on Load testing and in that process i came across creating a WebTest to continue with the Load Testing.

I thought I would blog on this, so that it might help the beginners in creating the  Web Test easily. Here goes the step by step procedure of creating the webtest.

(i)First Step is Creating A New Test Project.
Open Visual Studio,Go To File->New->Project,Then a New Project Dialog Box Opens.
There Expand the Visual c# node and select Test,accept the default name TestProject1 and then click OK.


(ii)Now having successfully created our testproject we will proceed with creating a web test.

Steps for creating the Web Test.

(1) In Solution Explorer,right click the TestProject1,Select Add and then Select Web Test.


(2)Web test gets added up under the Test Project and A browser Window Pops Up as shown below where u can enter the Url for which you want to run the web test.


(3)In the Address Bar replace the about:blank with the url and press the Enter Key on the Keyboard.

(4)Now the user inputs are recorded and they are stored in the web test which u can playback later.After U added all the data that u want to test Click “Stop” button to Stop recording and return to the project.

(5)That’s It your webtest now contains a list of recorded actions as shown below.


Now having recorded the webtest next step is to run (playback) the test.

–>VS 2005 provides a Run button in the toolbar(first button with a green arrow) for this purpose.


–>Clicking on the Run Test will replay the test and the Test Results window will show whether or not the test was successful.If You cannot see the Test Results window,on the Test menu,select Windows,and then select Test Results.


That’s it guys!!!!

You are done with creating the webtest successfully.After creating this webtest you can proceed with the load test or what so ever.

Hope it helps!!!!!:) 🙂

Happy Testing 🙂

Ur Comments are valuable.


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