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Usually Web tests are recorded using Web Test Recorder in Visual Studio,but some requests might not be recorded by the Web Test Recorder like AJAX requests(as discussed earlier in my previous post) and some pop-up windows.

So In this case Fiddler tool turns out to be one of the Option.

Before proceeding with how to use Fiddler, first download the Fiddler from the following link

There are 2 ways in which we can Use the Fiddler recorded requests.They are:
(i)Recording the Webtests using Fiddler and integrating with VS.

(1)Go To start->All Programs->Click on Fiddler Icon(which appears after you download).


(2)Now open the Internet Explorer sideways and enter the URL for which you want to run the web test in address bar.

(3)Web Requests for each and every action performed in the browser are recorded simultaneously in the Fiddler as shown below.


(4)When you think you are done with the recording close the fiddler and  the browser.

 (5)Now Fiddler consists of all the HTTP Requests required and they should be integrated with Visual studio for furthur action.

(6)For that select all the required requests,right click->save ->sessions as->Visual studio web test as shown below.


(7)Give a valid name like ‘Test’  to the File  and save it in your computer at any location preffered.


(8)Now we have our Recorded test saved in the computer and it has to be integrated with the visual studio so that we can run the test.Now,open Visual Studio right click on the test project->Add->Existing Item.



(9)In the Add Existing Item Box that appears Search for the file you saved earlier (Test) and click on Add.

(7)That’s it !!!! Test Project now consists of the WebTest named ‘Test’ which was recorded using fiddler.Now you can Run the Test, View the Results and do modifications etc…  🙂

(ii)Manually Adding the Missing Web Requests:

Another option is to record the Web test using Fiddler and the Web test recorder simultaneously.This allows you to compare the two recordings to discover missing requests which you need to add to the Web test manually. This method is best when a small number of requests are missed by the Web Test Recorder since you can still benefit from features such as automatic hidden field tracking and filtering of dependent requests.


Hope It Helps!!!!!

Happy Testing 🙂


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